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Mustard Flowers

Consulting & Coaching 

ACT offers a wide range of services to businesses and organizations seeking to improve their capacity and competence in interacting with communities and individuals of color, seeking to reduce institutional racial disparities, and wishing to more fully embody their moral concern for racial justice and for justice and equity in structures, policies, decisions and practices. This work requires addressing underlying assumptions, perspectives, and practices arising out of the U.S. racial legacy.


Drawing from forty years of experience in antiracism education, diversity training, personal coaching, and intercultural counseling, ASDIC offers clients a focused range of services including the following:

  • Climate Assessment

  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

  • Strategic Planning

  • Training and Workshops

  • Coaching

Mustard Flowers

Climate Assessment

Climate assessment identifying presence and absence of inclusive and exclusive cultural symbols, common space, products, policies, practices and personal interactions. Attention to hidden cultural assumptions and biases, stereotypes, values, and worldview reflected in normalized arrangements and hierarchies, and decision making. We’ve developed climate assessment tools to provide honest feedback and action steps to move forward.

  • Is your physical workspace inclusive?

  • What message does the wall decor, layout, or environment in your school building represent about cultural history?

  • Do the values of the workplace mission or the behaviors of your staff and organizational traditions exclude others?

  • Which company policies may be prohibiting your company from achieving/sustaining new hires from cultural communities?

 Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

We offer Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment for individuals, teams, and organizations with follow up interpretation and directed study towards cultural literacy and competency in intercultural relations, cultural difference (behavior and communication patterns, value orientations worldview), and cross-cultural communication. The Intercultural development inventory (IDI) is an assessment for individuals, work-teams, and organizations with follow up interpretation and directed study toward cultural literacy and competency in intercultural relations, cultural difference (behavior and communication patterns, value orientations, worldview), and cross-cultural communication. Visit to learn more about the Intercultural Development Inventory. As qualified to administer the IDI, Okogyeamon and Maria interpret the results, and assists clients in follow-up consulting, planning, and training toward intercultural personal and team development.

Strategic Planning

We offer assessment tools of learning outcomes and for strategic planning. Workshop evaluation and feedback to deepen learning. Longitudinal study of transformation using a Pre-Session & Post-Session Cultural and Racial-Ethnic Survey that measures nine key factors including knowledge, emotional response to the domination system, cultural aptitude, personal relations, behaviors and actions, self-identification, cultural and mediation skills, areas of concern & struggle, and forms of desired support. Assessment includes a list of the pros and cons of possible strategies for inclusion and welcome, positive cultural climate, and cultural adaptation toward mutuality and solidarity of the team and organization.

Training & Workshops

We offer training based on evidenced social science research, supported by facilitated, guided study and integrated interactive curriculum for focused and themed workshops of varying lengths:

  • One session format workshop of 90 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours, or half-day

  • Multi-session format workshop series of varying hours and number of meetings adjusted to client context and

  • Workshop Topics

    • DEI for Leaders | Creating Inclusive Workplaces | Anti-Racism | Cultural Competence  | Microaggressions | Social Justice through a Critical Race Theory Lens| Cross Cultural Boundaries: Understanding, Skills & Practices|Multicultural Foundation for Helping and Healing Practices | Doctrine of Discovery & Legacy of Colonialism

Personal Coaching

We offer personal coaching that includes one-on-one IDI assessment and coaching; advice and assistance in staff development; conflict mediation; recruitment and retention of a culturally diverse staff and workforce; and consulting in strategic decision-making. 

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