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About Us

ACT, formerly known as ASDIC Metamorphosis, is a “community of practice,” an empowered, informed, and re-forming community who engage in dialogue and reflection toward eliminating racism within us and about us. ASDIC builds capacity within organizations and communities to initiate DEAI awareness and to work towards social change.


With deepest compassion for who we are, and how we have come to be where we are, we seek to create just social patterns where hope, possibility, and true relationship can be realized.

ACT has worked across different sectors, customizing its work to the particular focus and formats needed by organizations. ACT's programs are noted for their depth of analysis, opportunity for dialogue and reflection, building of relationship and community, and lasting transformative change.

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ACT helps you and others explore your own formation as “raced” persons within the system of U.S. racism. Our aim is to transform your understanding of racism and white privilege and inspire you to help create a more racially just world.

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