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a racially just society committed to wellbeing and relationship

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is to provide antiracism dialogue experiences that build community and the personal capacity to eleminate racism and create a just society 

2024 Upcoming Virtual Programming 

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"While reflecting on my year I realized that participating in ACT (formerly ASDIC) was clearly one of the most significant and liberating events of my 2021.  I resonate deeply with the ASDIC model of human possibility that's conditioned by social reality, and I'm inspired by the structure and pedagogy. I realized this again when I was thinking about how to present issues around systemic racism in a course I teach about research methods — why not have a dialogue circle rather than simply throwing powerpoints and readings at my students? I have a lot of gratitude for the long hours, thought, wisdom, and heart that's gone into your work."

Ethan Brown, Associate Director, Research Methodology Consulting Center, CEHD, University of Minnesota

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